Please note that from December 9th 2019, all products from Botanical Software are promoted under the name “Floria” (formerly IrisBG). During a transition period, we will rebrand our products and support material, but for some time, you will find IrisBG used. For more details about the changes, please read our article

Floria App WalkthroughMobile Sync
(Used with Floria Mobile
for Windows Embedded Handheld)
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IrisBG Tutorial Archive

The IrisBG tutorial archive will be available to customers who purchased IrisBG from Botanical Software until an alternative arrangment is available from the irisbg website. Please note that some tutorials are not 100% aligned with the most resent version of the software, but we keep the tutorials available as long they provide sufficient guidelines to assist you.


Getting Started Updating Accessions Using Web Search
Video TutorialVideo Tutorial Video Tutorial


Using mapsItem Management12 Productivity Tips
Video TutorialVideo Tutorial Video Tutorial
InspectionsTasks Custom Attributes
Video TutorialVideo TutorialVideo Tutorial


TaxaReportingUser Access
Video TutorialVideo Tutorial Video Tutorial
Index SeminumPlant LabelsNew Collection
Video TutorialVideo TutorialVideo Tutorial

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