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    Hi, we have published a WMS to our ArcGIS server, but have problems accessing the service in IrisBG.

    • The map looks fine when we test it on the server and we are also able to load the WMS in ArcGIS.
    • The map special reference is OSGB36, but it’s reprojected to WebMercator.
    • We have also verified the bounds and zoom by using BingMap as a temporary basemap.
    • The service is only accessible in our internal network

    Definition of the map service layers:

      Modern OS (0) 
        Mapping (1) 
          OS Miniscale (2) 
          OS 1:250,000 (3) 
          OS 1:50,000 (4) 
          OS 1:25,000 (5) 
          OS 1:10,000 (6) 
          OS Mastermap (7) 
              Text (8) 
              Points (9) 
              Area (10) 
    Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)
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