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    I attempted to add a new WMS map to Custom Maps. I entered most of the fields, including the drop down selections for Base provider and Tile format. My map didn’t show as expected, but that was likely user error.

    I then decided to republish our previous basemap that we have on our server as a WMS. This map works well and has updated as expected (yeah!). Now I would like to clear out the additional WMS provider that I had set. However, I am unable to clear the values from those fields that were selected by dropdown menu (the Base provider and Tile format fields).

    Is it possible to clear these fields? Or can I delete the entire Custom map I attempted to add by WMS? I cannot determine how to either clear the fields or delete a Custom map row.

    If anyone needs further screenshots or explanation, then please indicate and I can add something to this question.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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