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    Beryl Zhuang


    We appreciate adding the location code on the mobile app display (as requested in
    We’ve downloaded the latest version (Beta from the app store. However, we find the display of location code and location name is inconsistent.

    As an example (see attached screenshot), when we search Dasiphora fruticosa on the app, the top 4 items are in the same location bed: LNA3 Bed 3 North America (Alpine Garden). LNA3 is the short location code and Bed 3 North America (Alpine Garden) is the location name. While the first 2 are displayed properly, the rest 2 are truncated… Same problem occurs in other location codes and names and it doesn’t seem to relate to the length of the location code and name. For example, 3AA3 Asian Garden would sometimes displayed as 3A… Asian Garden. Both Android and iOS have the same problem.

    Another issue is when we click into the accession page (see attached), only the name of the location is displayed without the location code. It would be nice to have the location code displayed too.

    Thanks a lot!
    UBC Botanical Garden

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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